Interactive Computer Solutions, LLC

About Us

You wouldn't think the words "personal" and "technical" would have anything in common. But that's what Interactive Computer Solutions is all about. We don't care about setting up your company with the lastest whiz-bangs and gadgets just to make a buck. We would rather take the time to learn about you and your organization and match you up with products and services that will be beneficial to your long-term success. In other words--if you don't need it, we don't try to sell it to you.

We built our reputation on the success of our customers.

We've been serving the computer needs of businesses and organizations in southeastern Michigan since 1995. (In the world of computers that's almost an eternity!) Since that time we've worked on a lot of projects. More important to us, however, is the numerous relationships we have built with our customers over that same amount of time.

Oh yeah--we have all those fancy computer certifications too.

"Since 1995, you have assisted us in growing from having no computers to a 40-system network. I am confident that your team at ICS can support whatever computer needs we may have in the future."
Airtec Corporation
Detroit, MI