Interactive Computer Solutions, LLC

Services Offered

Network Administration
Need to share files, printers, etc.? Setting up an office network is the only way to go. We can also set-up your new network with other workgroup solutions such as email and scheduling software.

Virus/Spyware Protection & Education
One of the biggest problems facing users today is the invasion of viruses and spyware. Learn how to protect your computer from these nasty bugs.

Security is critical in this day and age. With identity and electronic theft on the rise you can't afford to ignore the risks you take online. If we find any security issues in your system we'll be sure to address them.

System Upgrades and Implementation
Add memory, hard drives, operating systems, etc.

Hardware and Software

From printers to monitors to hard drives and software management tools--we'll find what you need at a cost that you can afford. We'll even install it for you and make sure that it's in proper working order. And if it's not, we'll deal with the manufacturers so you don't have to.

We're also authorized resellers for the following manufacturers: Microsoft, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Panasonic, 3Com, Intel, Novell, SonicWall, Cisco, and Linksys.

Preventative Maintenace Programs
Would you drive your car without changing the oil? Computers also perform better when they are cared for on a routine basis.

Back-Up Support and Disaster Recovery Plans
Do you know where your data is? Is it secure? Disaster Recovery Plans are a lot like your car or homeowners insurance. You hope you never have to use it--but you sleep better at night knowing it's there. And in the world of computers disaster can strike at any moment. We've seen data lost from fire, theft, hardware failure, and the actions of well-meaning company staff. And sometimes, disasters just "happen" for no reason at all. That's what makes computers so fun.

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"Although it is always the goal to purchase equipment and services at the lowest price possible, it is not always the best decision when it means sacrificing the level of customer and technical service associated with that decision. It would appear that I have found the best of both worlds with ICS."
D. Robertson
Empire Electronics
Troy, MI